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九大機電有限公司成立於1999年6月, 現座落新北市中和區, 公司負責人林輝逸於1986年進入電梯公司, 由基層實務工作至R&D主管, 一步一步紮實將所學奉獻於電梯這行業30餘年. 九大機電有限公司秉承永續經營三大理念,『堅持品質就是生命』,『科技研發就是動力』,『服務世界就是目標』,不斷求新求變求進步, 並深得國內知名電梯公司支持及使用, 電梯產品也延伸至日本.美國.澳洲,東南亞,中國…..等各國. 九大機電有限公司自行研發電梯相關控制產品如: 光電開關系列, 驅動器系列, 語音播報系列, 通訊控制及LED照明, 電梯周邊等產品皆廣汎運用於電梯領域, 數量也逐年不斷增長. 九大機電有限公司不斷努力發展, 秉持品質,科技, 服務, 追求自我突破及成長, 對電梯領域中作微薄貢獻.                                                                                                          Grand9 E & E Co., Ltd. was established in June, 1999  The company is currently located on Chung Shang Road, Chung Ho Dist, New Taipei City, The owner of the company, H.Y. Lin, started in the elevator field since year 1986. With his  consistent effort and hard work, he worked his way from an entry level electrical engineer to the Research & Development head.  Until now, Mr. Lin has dedicated his expertise in this field for  over 30 years.  Grand9 E & E Co., Ltd. insists 『Quality is our Life』, 『Technology R&D is our Motivation』 and 『Global Service is our Goal』 as the 3 basic principles for successful business running.  The company has never stopped updating itself in keeping up with the global standards and has gained the reputation and support among many prestigious customers in Taiwan.  In addition, its products are now in such a great demand that they are being exported to other countries such as Japan, USA, Australia, South East Asia and China etc.  Grand9 E & E Co., Ltd. has undertaken its own research and so far has developed various elevator-related controlling items including the photo sensor series, driver unit series, speech synthesizer systems, communication systems, LED light and other accessory products.  These items were and are still now popularly used in the elevator field with an ever-growing demand from the customers. Best of quality, advanced technology and exceptional customer service are what Grand 9 E & E Co., Ltd. has always believed in.  The company consistently strives to contribute the best it can to the elevator field with never-ending self advancement and improvement.

1. 型號 : MF-5KB2
2. 輸入電源 : DC12V – 24V.
3. 輸出電壓 : NPN 或PNP 0V及(DC12V – 30V)
4. 輸出容量 : DC 30V/200mA Max
5. 消耗電流 : 100 mA Max
6. 偵測距離 : 5 公尺 Max
7. 隔離阻抗 : 20MΩ Min/500VDC
8. 濕度範圍 : 35~85% RH
9. 外觀材質 : PBT
10. 出線方式 : 4Ø x 5M/4線(棕,藍,黑,白) / 2線(棕,藍)
11. 防水等級 : IP66

1. 型號 : ELS-300 瑞士
2. 輸入電源 : DC10V – 30V
3. 輸出電壓 : NPN
4. 輸出電流 : 50mA Max
5. 消耗電流 : <10 mA @ 30VDC // 50 mA Max
6. 偵測距離 : 0.5 ~ 6公尺 Max
7. 反應時間 : <20ms
8. 溫度範圍 : - 400C ~ 600C
9. 抗光能力 : 100,000 LUX
10. 出線方式 : 灰色電纜5M RX : 3線 (棕,藍,黑.)
AWG26 // 黑色電纜5M TX : 2線 (棕,藍) AWG26
11. 防水等級 : IP65
01:輸入電源: AC110V
02.輸出型式: 繼電器(RELAY)接點,電源控制盒內 NC/NO 各 1 組(端子台 1.2.3) 繼電器(RELAY)接點容量 1A-24V-DC 1A-110V-AC
03.消耗功率: 3W
04.最大掃描光束: 128 束
05.響應時間: 53.2ms
07.零距離允許水平錯位: 5mm
08.最小檢出物高度: 50mm
09.有效檢知高度: 20 ~ 1820mm
10.有效檢知距離: 0~6,000mm
11.抗光測試: 100,000 Lux
12.環境溫度: -20o
13.安裝允許誤差: 垂直方向 20mm/10o 水平方向 3mm/7o
14.外型尺寸: (H) 2,000  (W) 11  (D) 28 mm
15.重量: 1.7 公斤(不含電源控制盒重量)
 型號Model : N-858N1-F         ●
品名Name : 日本製/東洋地震感知器
TOYO Earthquake Sensor ( Japan )
規格Specification : 兩段gal值設定 (25~300gal)
2 gal value setting ( 25-300gal )
1. Dimension : 190(W)×100.6(D)×163(L) mm
4. Weight : 1.2kg approx.

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